Terms & Conditions

Aero Med 265 (all doctors, pharmacies, and affiliate companies) is domiciled in Europe, therefore European rules and regulations for medicines are in effect.

Aero Med 265 (all doctors, pharmacies, and affiliate companies) cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the diagnosis, treatment, or medication prescribed, or the correct use of products supplied. It lies on the purchaser to use any products supplied under the guidance of a physician.

Aero Med 265 takes an obligation to provide a correct product, in the correct strength and amount to the correct customer. According to European laws, a product liability lies solely with the manufacturer.

Aero Med 265 dispenses branded or in the case the patent has expired, generic pharmaceutical products that are registered in EU-member states. European patent law applies.

Aero Med 265 (all doctors, pharmacies, and affiliate companies) takes no responsibility for compliance with importation requirements and regulations of the country of destination. This remains the final responsibility of the purchaser.

All products are shipped on behalf of and at the risk of the purchaser, Aero Med 265 ( all doctors, pharmacies, and affiliate companies) is reserved towards any legal actions which might be brought against the purchaser, if not acting following the regulations and importation laws applied by the government of the country of destination.

All orders sent by the registered mail require the purchaser’s signature or a mandatory who should be over 21 years of age.

Aero Med 265 is not responsible for losses, incorrect deliveries, or product damage caused by improper handling of the shipping agent. According to European laws, once products have been dispensed (delivered) by a pharmacy these products may not be returned to the pharmacy. Therefore order cancellations or alterations after the order has been delivered and /or shipping, are not acceptable.

Bank Wire

Be informed that in case of a refund via bank transfer the customer receives the amount of the order minus a transaction fee of –28.00 USD

Please note that that the products ordered stay in our rightful possession until complete payment of the order amount. By choosing bank wire as a payment option you agree to these terms and conditions. Please note that all bank fees incurred for this transaction are at the payer’s expense.

Informed Consent

I understand and agree, that Aero Med 265 is acting as a broker on behalf of and account of several pharmacies and that by placing orders through Aero Med 265 contractual obligations will solely be created between the requester on the one side and the respective pharmacy on the other side.